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check out these examples of Yoni Art Co.'s online success:
Future Technologies Inc.

Yoni Art Company oversaw the Search Engine Optimization (SEO), web content management, and Facebook page for Future Tech CEO, Asha Saxena as she sought speaking engagments at TedX talks in 2019. As a part of a broader digital marketing campaign, Yoni Art designed the website's logo while adding new fonts and layouts to existing content; YA also built an external Facebook page for the brand.

Project New Yorker

We improved their site's search engine presence by 35% within the first month and 65% after 2 months. Jonathan Schwartzman and Yoni Art Company completely overhauled website design and features, resulting in a sophisticated site with strong content and dynamic looks. Currently, Yoni Art manages the corporation's website, assists in marketing/PR strategy and in growing their steadily expanding digital influence.

Pembroke Taparelli Arts & Film Festival

Yoni Art totally restructured, redesigned and rebuilt the film festival's aged website back in 2018, just in time for their Winter engagment. Yoni Art also assisted in the company's marketing strategy and in strengthening their online presence through building Facebook groups for the festival's locations.

CoreNet Associates

Y.A.C. improved site visitation thru Analytics, SEO coding and link building. We also crafted the site's logo and activated its HTTPS capability. Lastly, we built a company page for CoreNet on Linkedin.

ERJ Solutions

In a matter of days, we redesigned their site's colors to better reflect the brand's logo. Additionally, YA optimized their search-engine presence by means of coding and link-building. Changes were also made to the homepage to make it more mobile-friendly.

Illustrations By Shira

Yoni Art Co. built a personal site for the aspiring illustrator, Shira Greenspan, to display her portfolio. The website is simple yet to-the-point, providing a colorful sample of Greenspan's works to potential clients and enthusiasts.


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